Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's the difference between licensing & Exclusive Rights?

    • A LEASE grants LIMITED user-rights to a beat and allows you to use it on up to 3,000 units, Premium-Lease: 12,000 units. The purchase of Exclusive rights or Unlimited-Lease grants you UNLIMITED use on any medium! The most important point is that you only gain sole membership by purchasing Exclusive rights. You will have the rights to get radio- and tv-airplay with an Unlimited-Lease or Exclusive rights! The Standard-Leases and Premium-Leases are valid for 12 months. With one year from date leased beat was purchased to distribute until having to renew lease agreement. Unlimited-Leases and Exclusive rights are perpetual licenses. A perpetual license will allow the customer to use the licensed beat/s indefinitely. A non-Exclusive can be sold to more than one person at the same time until Exclusive rights have been sold to the beat. A sold exclusive beat will be removed from the beat store.

  2. What happens when I lease a beat and the song I made with it blows up?

  3. What happens to other people that licensed that same beat?

  4. What if I lease a beat today and the producer sells the exclusive rights tomorrow. How will that affect me?

    • Questions 2, 3and 4 are probably in my top 10 of most frequently asked questions. 

    • Question 4 is what I consider the ‘ultimate goal + worst-case scenario’ an artist could think of. 

    • The possibility of this situation to occur is very unlikely if you handle your business the right way. Still, I’ll go into the subject, as you would probably want to know the answer to these questions. 

    • Going forward in this article, I will address all the frequently asked questions mentioned in the list above. 

  5. I leased a beat and the song blew up, but some other artist has the exclusive rights.

    • I’m not going to try and sweet-talk my way out of this. If this situation would occur to me, I would bang my head against the wall until I knocked myself out. 

    • Then do it again, till I don’t remember what happened. 

    • Again, I find it hard to believe that this situation would happen to me since I’m very close to my customers (in terms of following up on all purchases made from my site). 

    • I’m also not that guy that sells exclusive rights to every artist that comes up to me with a bag of money. I need to see (hear) the potential first.

    • Similar situations did occur with artists like Trey Songz, T.I. and Slim Jesus and I assume it must have been a real mess to sort out.

    • I don’t have any experience with these situations but I can tell you how to do your best avoiding it.

    • Buy exclusive rights! (n.a. if you don’t have the money)

    • Buy the lease to get the producer’s attention 

    • If you don’t have any money, ask for a payment plan and offer a down payment

    • Get close with the producer, reach out often and send updates about the song – Show him the potential!

    • Ask if they would consider holding on to the rights (Make sure you have something to offer, other than ‘giving credit’.)

    • On a side-note: You don’t have to make a purchase from my site in order to get my attention. But it could help getting noticed by other producers who may have that ‘about-to-blow-up’ beat in their hands.

  6. How do I give Proper credit?

    • ​Credit must always be given to ‘iQ Music’ in written form, for example ‘Prod.IQ Music (’ or ‘Prod.iQ Music’.

  7. Do you offer custom beats?

  8. What are stems?

    • These are the individual instrument layers, otherwise known as “trackouts,” which comprise of the entire beat. Most of our multi-tracks are broken in to approximately 20-50 layers (e.g. kick drum, snare drum, piano, guitar, sound fx, synth, etc.) giving you or your recording engineer full flexibility in your mix. It is also useful for adding drum drops or additional effects to the instrumental.​  Stems are available with Exclusive licensing package.

  9. I have purchased a beat. Can I alter it, etc.?

    • You may alter the beat if you have purchased the exclusive licensing package.  Otherwise, alterations to lea​sed beats are not permitted.

  10. I have lost my purchased beat files. Can I get them again?

    • Please contact me at I will do my best to send your files again, but there is not guarantee that I will archive your purchased files "forever".

  11. Can I resell the beats after purchasing a license?

    • NO! You are not allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

  12. Can I read full terms of use before I buy a license?

  13. What does a purchase include?

    • Each purchase includes a contract/invoice-receipt stating your rights of ownership, etc. and the files. You will receive these files as electronic download-links, sent to your email-address. I do not send any parcels or physical-data-discs. With a “Standard-Lease” you will get a high quality Tagged Mp3-version of the beat/s. With a “Premium-Lease” you will get a high quality tagged Mp3 Version. With an “Exclusive” you will get a High Quality Wav-Version and the separate stems of the beat(s).

  14. What methods of payment do you accept?

    • PayPal

  15. I still have questions.

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