About iQ Music

We are a registered production company selling beats in the industry for years. Please read below about the different purchasing options that we offer on our site. Buying with iQ Music is safe, secure and delivery is instant. Don't hesitate to contact iQ Music with any questions.

What is licensing/Leasing?

Leasing/licensing rights give music artists certain rights for use of the beat and not have to pay any royalties. Make sure to read the different leasing options below. 

Once your lease runs out, you will need to buy another lease for the same beat or upgrade to the next licensing option. If you purchase the UNLIMITED lease then you never have to upgrade. 

Depending on the lease, you are allowed to stream, sell, and perform your song(s) using the beat(s).  With a lease, the producer can sell the beat to numerous artists, as long as the beat isn’t purchased for exclusive owndership.  

Leasing makes it affordable for an artist to purchase beats and be able to be creative and make money at the same time. If you want to purchase a beat but not want other artists to use that same beat than you can always buy the beat for exclusive rights. (below)

What is Exclusive Rights/Ownership?

Another option is to pay a lump sum for an exclusive beat that will be yours to use exclusively.  The beat will be instantly removed from the site and you will receive a contract giving you exclusive ownership.

Some of our higher profile artists use this process to create new tracks where they can be sure that they won’t have any copycatting going on. The exclusive beats will become the proprietary property of the customer – think of the exclusive beat as a work that is commissioned for an individual client.

Beats are essentially made for one particular customer only – and that’s important when customers want to produce original content. An exclusive beat is a safeguard when it comes to ensuring proprietary results, and we work closely with artists and others to make sure that they get what they need.

Licensing & Pricing